best buy Seroquel bmedi@ has added to it’s discounted services for full members by appointing bmedi@ full member company Company Solutions to act as it’s Relationship Architect for all Financial Management, Business Administration and HR Support matters.

sabero dating Welcome to a couple of minutes’ reading which might save you hours of time. Many young or smaller businesses do not have in-house administration and access to expertise to help them grow as effectively and quickly as possible.  Why should they?  After all, you don’t keep a plumber in the corner of the garage in case you need him or her to cure a burst pipe – you just get one in when you need one.

Company Solutions recognizes that no two businesses are exactly the same and therefore need to import services which are relevant to them at that point in their development.

We recognize that there is a difference between understanding financial management (which we support wholeheartedly!) and actually having the time or inclination to do the work.

This is why we offer a range of services from which we can design a package to suit your needs.  In addition to those listed on our website,, we offer periodic meetings to review current progress and discuss ways of taking your business forward.

The advantage of using us is that all your administration is under one out-sourced roof.  We can keep your financial records, manage staff administration, answer queries on employment law, prepare year end accounts, tax computations, negotiations with HMRC, liaise with other professionals that you use –  and all that legal stuff (commercial contracts, contracts of employment, data protection, health & safety, statutory records and filing at Companies House if your business is incorporated).    Meanwhile you concentrate on your media specialisms which create your income.

Charges for our work are based on time taken and level of complexity.   After a free consultation to find out your needs and design a programme of services we will give you a quotation for a year’s service.  After three months we will review that quotation to see we both got the time involvement right and adjust accordingly.  We offer the 12th month of service in the year free to bmedi@ members.